4 Feb , 2016  

By Author –  M. Jonathan Lee

I thought I’d put together my thoughts regarding book widgets. Widgets? Yep, you heard me correctly, widgets – let me explain.

Anyone who has written a book has probably heard of Nielsen. Nielsen are the massive multi-national book company who deal with, amongst other things search, discovery, commerce, consumer research and retail sales analysis services in relation to books globally. They have data for books from more than 100 countries. They even issue the ISBNs for all books released in the UK and Ireland.

Nielsen has a subsidiary, book2look, who have created book sharing widgets. These little tools are fabulous for any author. The widgets are basically a shop window for your novels. They allow you to let readers look inside your novel, turning the pages and getting a flavour of your work. They show the book cover and blurb. They automatically link to reviews on Goodreads and Google, so would-be readers can see what the world is saying about your novel. There is a link to where people can buy your paperback, hardback or e-book copies. But here’s the best part. They allow you to automatically post links directly through to your social media sites: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

You can link directly to your very own book widget and show the world your book. On top of this, you can embed the widget link in your email signature. It appears as a cool book cover at the bottom of your email and one click takes people directly to all the features I’ve mentioned above. Last and certainly not least, the widgets allow you to send emails to your mailing list or those people who you feel would be interested directly from the widget. Here’s one of mine!

They are the perfect book marketing tool because everything about your novel is all in one place. It’s easy for the world to see the quality of your work and if they like it, they can quickly and easily pass it on.

You’ll see more and more of these popping up and I expect they’ll become the tool to use in the industry in due course. That is, everyone will have one. I’ve seen lots of them arriving online but nobody really seems to be using them to their potential. You don’t see many Tweets where people pass on their book2look link. They don’t appear that often on Facebook. And that isn’t because there aren’t many around, check out the book2look.com website and new ones are being added every day. They seem to be a regular add-on for those authors self-publishing with giants Xlibris or Authorhouse.

But of course, they do come at a cost. The average going rate is around $999 each (around £650!!!) and that’s per book. You may see them called ‘share-my-book’ or ‘share-your-book’ widgets or something similar. Here’s a link to Authorhouse selling the book2look widget at £599!!! Xlibris sell the same thing here for $999! Just recently I saw a UK based site author marketing site Oodlebooks – where all the books had one of these amazing book widgets. I went through the ‘author link’ to find out more and they are selling the exact same thing for a fraction of the fee at just £97 (about $150). That’s where I went for mine. Check it out. I’d strongly recommend it as a superb marketing tool to get your book noticed and get in front of the competition. Especially as the widgets are currently in their infancy.

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