Starting a New School – Helping your child to overcome anxiety

5 Aug , 2015  

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Everyone feels anxious sometimes.  However, for children, worry and anxiety can hugely affect their ability to enjoy the moment and so more so feel engaged with and enjoy their childhood. Although the six-week summer break from school is a time for children to experience a lengthy period of no work, fun, holidays and freedom, for some, this long duration of time can be spent worrying. Their thoughts may turn to what lies ahead after the holidays and apprehension of the changes that they may experience.


This negative dialogue, without the normal school day distractions, can become increasingly intense for some children and prevent them from feeling any of the wonderfulness that they have earned and so deserve over this holiday season.  Many children could find themselves worrying about lots of things about what the year ahead will bring.


  • Firstly, many worry about meeting their new teacher; will they be as lovely as the teacher that they were used to over the last year?
  • Secondly, a worry that affects many children is the difficulty of the work. A year older to them may mean harder work, and the worry that they may not be able to do it.
  • Friendship changes can affect a lot of children who feel underlying issues of anxiety. This can massively influence the quality of their summer holidays, especially if, which is quite the norm, they have not seen friends regularly over this period.
  • The biggest worry for children and young people will always be the move to a new school. From year 6 to year 7, this can be an overwhelming transition that can hugely impact on how positive the start is in secondary school and more so how successful the transition process is.

As teachers, we get to know our pupils very well and so can detect changes in their mood. This can highlight underlying troubles that we can then challenge and talk about if required.  Anxious children will miss this process and could feel more isolated with their concerns which will, in turn, increase their intensity over this period away from school.

The Blinks – ‘Worry’ is the first in a series of three books dealing with the emotional issues many children face. It is a magical story that incorporates lots of insight and suggestions, and it has been written as a novel for children to read and enjoy. Although, it is more to give them the tools to understand and deal with any anxiety and worry they maybe experiencing concerning their next academic year. More so for children and young people to hopefully learn strategies and interventions that could help them manage these difficult feelings over the summer, while they are away from a huge support network.

‘The Blinks – Worry,’ also provides a great starting point for emotional discussion when new classes are united in the new academic year, either as part of PSHE or GUS.

reference manual cover‘The Blinks – Worry – A Reference Manual for Parents, Carers and Teachers’ has been created to accompany the Blinks novel for children. These invaluable notes reference why the book has dealt with certain issues and to give more insight into the possible discussions that the book can raise.

Exploring emotions help classes bond positively by sharing common experiences.  More importantly, it is a great to start to an invaluable emotive discussion and to ensure that children feel a sense of belonging. This will then foster personal and academic growth, ability and achievement over the following year.


All books can be found on Oodlebooks – CLICK HERE or Amazon both in Kindle and in print.


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