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Spotlight on Author – Rhona Byrne

1 Nov , 2017  

Author of ‘Healing Cancer Without Drugs – One day at a time’.

We recently asked Rhona what made you take the step to turn your story into a book.

Here is her reply

Why I Decided to Write a Book about My Journey with Cancer.

The desire to write a book crept up on me slowly enough. I had started to write on a few occasions, but I just couldn’t seem to decide exactly what I was writing about. What the main purpose of my book would be.

That was before … I started to feel that something was not quite right inside my body.

Before … September 15th, 2015, when I was told that I had breast cancer.

Even before … the 366 days of my healing journey.

I had toyed with writing publicly about what I was doing at various points during my journey. Thinking that perhaps I should write a blog.
Instead, I resorted to journaling for my own benefit. Somewhere in my subconscious, a little voice was telling me, ‘people are not going want to read about what you are doing’, ‘who is going to believe you?’ And ‘they will think you are crazy’. I simply didn’t want to go there!

And more importantly before … 15th September 2016 when I received the ‘all clear’ from a thermal scan, the feedback I had been waiting for and the evidence that there was no longer any suspicious activity in my body.

I had done what the doctors said was impossible and so it was at that point, I felt I had no option but to write. I felt compelled to share my story with whoever needed to hear it. I had found my voice.

I started slowly enough. Simply recounting the facts as they had unfolded, from the time I was given my original diagnosis. Upon reading what I had written, it all seemed so clinical, so factual and yet so bland. Like I was writing a report for work.

There was something missing in my narration of what had happened. I looked at it with fresh eyes, realising that there was no soul in what I had written, no real emotion. What was missing was the real me, and how I felt as my healing journey unfolded.

I then began to fill in the gaps with my true emotions, pouring out my heart and bringing my story alive.
Now I have done what, at points along the way, seemed as if it would never be completed, I had finished telling my story. I sincerely hope that you find something within the pages to inspire you. I wish you good health and much happiness, in your life.


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