Selling books, a challenge overcome? by M Jonathan Lee

18 Jan , 2016  

M. Jonathan Lee

M. Jonathan Lee – Author of The Page and The Radio

I’ve had three novels published now. My first, The Radio was nationally shortlisted in the Novel Prize 2012 in the UK and came second. A publishing deal came shortly afterwards. My second two novels, The Page and A Tiny Feeling of Fear were released in 2014 and 2015.

I’ve had a great deal of exposure in local media, online and even with the BBC nationally and I’ve been asked to speak at some of the largest literary festivals in England and have a possible film deal in the offing for my first novel. But what about sales?

My whole purpose of writing, which should be yours too, is enjoyment. I write because I love it. I did however, always dream of being a writer and one day hoped that it would become my day job. What better than to sit down and make up stories all day and get paid for it?

The difficulty for me, as for most in the creative industries is becoming noticed. My novels have pretty much received excellent reviews across the board from readers, bloggers and the press yet getting noticed and ultimately selling books has been a struggle. This is simply because there are so many out there. The bookshops on the high street are awash with stocks of novels that ultimately the owners need to sell, so they stock either well-known names (read John Grisham, JK Rowling, Iain Banks et al) or those being marketed and pushed by the big publishing houses (y’know the ones with all the available budget).

Therefore, being with a small publishing house means that most authors going this route simply cannot compete in this area. Something different has to be done. That’s where the new author building website Oodlebooks came into play.  The key to the site is all about being give help and an easy-to-use platform to create a fan base. In simple terms, a bunch of people who love your books and want more. Your fans. Instead of having your book amongst thousands in the back corner of a Waterstones shop hoping it will be selected, Oodlebooks focuses on keeping those people who love your work close. These are the ones that will purchase everything you release each time you release it and are more likely to share your book and shout about it to their social network pals.

There is a great book called ‘Fanology’ by Gail Powell which describes this in much better detail than I ever could here. Its well worth having a look at – CLICK HERE.

As it happens long before Oodlebooks came along I was already following this pattern of building relationships with my readers. Due to the amount of effort I put into this online my second novel ‘The Page’ got to #7 in the most downloaded thriller chart on Amazon.

My third novel, A Tiny Feeling of Fear got to #3 in the USA in the Amazon most downloaded mystery section. This has all come from following this pattern of engaging with my readers. I wish Oodlebooks had been around when I started because the design of the site means that so muJonathan Lee's Author Account on Oodlebooksch of this hard work and effort is done for you. I’ve only been involved for a few weeks but would certainly recommend you getting involved and seeing whether it could help you as an author grow your fan base and sell more books. Take a look – www.oodlebooks-author.com

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about writing, publishing and marketing fiction books from the author’s perspective. Please get in touch CLICK HERE

In the meantime if you fancy a good read then CLICK HERE





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