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22 Feb , 2016  

By Ross Hewitt of ‘Secret Pie – Digital Marketing Consultancy’


The new author fan site – was launched in October 2015 – just over four months ago and is gaining massive traction for true book lovers. It’s also appealing to a whole range of authors who are determined to grow their author standing and sell more books, but who need an easy marketing solution to help make this happen.

Managing Director, Gail Powell says: ‘The latest author to join up is new and upcoming YA author talent Jemma Beckham. In just over 24 hours she managed to get herself to number 3 on the Top Ten Author Leaderboard on the home page. This site really works for the author – she now has many new fans who know about her – visibility for any author is the key!’

When Jemma was asked why she joined the Oodlebooks author platform, she said:

Tormented Witch Book Cover 1

‘I get that in order to become known and have my work shared in such a competitive author genre as YA fiction, I needed to engage properly with any potential fans/readers. Oodlebooks makes it easy to grow your very own list of ‘fans’ and be able to communicate with them. Asking people ‘to sign up and turn my heart to red’ is a lovely way of asking for help to grow your fan base via social media. Far better than to keep asking people to buy my book. I found it so easy to use. Now I have a growing list of fans, who I know are interested in my writing, which I can message via my author account with interesting content and any offers or book giveaways. It’s such a win-win.’ Jemma Beckham author of The Tormented Witch (Crowded Souls Series).

Another author M. Jonathan Lee – who occupies the Number One slot on the Leaderboard stated;


‘It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways I’ve found to grow my fan base as an author and to sell more books. There are only two things I have to remember to do, and that is to encourage my social media followers to become a fan and to share my new book widget link. The latest in book marketing technology enabling others to share my book, watch my video book trailers, and to purchase the book, all in one place. I particularly love how easy it is to the site and how I can keep in touch with my fans regularly by using the message template in my account.’ M. Jonathan Lee – Award Winning contemporary fiction author.

I can understand what’s in it for the author but what about what’s in it for the fan?

I decided to sign up and find out for myself. I became a fan of Jonathan Lee and ended buying all 3 of his books and reading them. So in that respect, it worked. I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of him, and now I am avidly waiting for his next publication.

I also receive regular messages from him with great content and book giveaways just for being a fan.

I loved the site so much that I’ve ended up joining as an author as well, adding my two books to the site – Savvy Social Media that supports my day job, and my TipTime book which is an introduction to successful sports betting, that indulges my pastime.

CLICK HERE to become my fan 🙂

Whether you are a fan or an author, give the site a try. In both instances, it’s free to join. Authors do have to sign up for a nominal one-off fee to have their profile and book widget created. Then there is a monthly fee of £10.  For me, I figured that’s just two extra book sales a month, and if I can’t make that happen using this easy process, then I’m not telling enough people! I love that I can message my growing list of fans, and have access to some great author marketing resources I hadn’t thought about, even owning a digital marketing company, to help me to grow my following.

For the fan, it’s completely free and allows them to find new authors that perhaps they may not have come across due to the amount of books on other much larger sites. On Oodlebooks, you have to be accepted as an author – which guarantees a level of quality control, so as a reader you know you’re getting quality.

All in all, whether you’re an author looking to grow your fan base and sell more books, or a fan of great authors and their books, then Oodlebooks is definitely worth a visit and sign up.

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