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26 Jan , 2016  

Those of you familiar with my fanology concept that helps authors (and anyone who wants to build a personal brand) to create a really connected fan base, will know that I love my fishing analogies. I often talk about fishing in the right ponds and go to great length to tell you how to do this. It was great when I saw a brilliant blog from Ross Hewitt entitled: ‘Fishing For New Customers’ CLICK HERE

I am a big fan myself of anyone who understands how important it is to go out fishing for the right target audience in the right ponds. Someone who is prepared to do their homework and provide valuable content to allow potential customers to get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST them as an expert in their field.

Ross’s article was partly inspired by one of the best business books he has read in a while – How To Get Inside Someone’s Mind & Stay There: The Business Owner’s Guide To Content Marketing & Confident Copywriting, by Jacky Fitt, which is available in paperback or from the Amazon Kindle Store.

He goes onto to say that his article was also partly inspired by meeting some lovely people from Carp-Talk Magazine in a training session recently. Now that really is niche marketing and most definitely fishing for clients in a very small pond – excuse the pun!

To read a copy of Gail Powell’s  book ‘Fanology: Create Fans. Sells Books.’ CLICK HERE

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