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Create new social media habits in 2016 and watch your fan following and sales soar

12 Jan , 2016  

I recently put up a blog post for all authors, speakers, trainers, and coaches – on LinkedIn CLICK HERE all about taking control of your fan following this year.

It was received well with a few shares and quite a few likes and reads. It might have been the fabulous picture I used in the header that captured the imagination, especially for any Star War fans out there – or it could have been the title of the blog post itself. ‘TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BOOK SALES IN 2016 BY BECOMING A FAN YOURSELF!’star wars image

The main message was about ‘taking control’ this year and the fact that there are so many new habits you could create to grow your personal brand as an author and to sell more copies of your books.

I thought it would be good to list a few pointers of great habits you can create in 2016 to grow your list of followers:

1. Write a profile of your perfect reader/fan – then actively seek out what they might be reading, (online and offline publications) and where they are hanging out on social media (see pointers below).

2. Write great content and send it off the publications to see if they will use it. Everyone is looking for great, free content.  This is a great way to get you in front of your target audience.

3. Hang out online where they hang out

  • LinkedIn i.e. are you a member of the relevant groups on LinkedIn and do you participate with great posts and answers to other people’s posts?
  • Twitter: Are you actively growing your followers and following influencers within your genre. Do you provide great content, and engage with people so they get to know, like and trust you?
  • Facebook: Do you have an author or book page where you can post relevant blogs that people will be interested in? It takes a lot to grow your followers on Facebook and people will only engage if they really like what your are about – so make sure you create thoughtful, regular content.
  • Instagram: This is such a great medium, especially if what you have to offer is visual. Growing your Instagram followers really requires a lot of thought to make the post interesting. Check out other Instagram users who are getting it right and follow them and see what sort of things they post that get the most views. There is nothing wrong with doing what works!
  • Bloggers:  Can be fantastic influencers. If you can engage a blogger who has a great following of people who read your genre or your subject matter if it’s non-fiction, getting them to post a good review is like gold dust. Make sure you seek out great bloggers, engage and ask for their help.

If you want to find out many more ways to attract and keep fans of your work then why not take a look around the new book ‘Fanology: Create Fans. Sell Books’. CLICK HERE

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