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Author Dr. Julie Coffey appears on Channel 4 documentary

8 Jan , 2018  

Dr. Julie Coffey, Sheffield GP and author of Living the Slim Life appears on a Channel 4 television documentary about some of the myths around losing weight. To order Dr. Julie’s book ‘Living the Slim Life’ – CLICK HERE To order Dr. Julie’s book ‘Think Yourself Slim’ – CLICK HERE

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Spotlight on Author – Rhona Byrne

1 Nov , 2017  

RHONA BYRNE Author of ‘Healing Cancer Without Drugs – One day at a time’. We recently asked Rhona what made you take the step to turn your story into a book. Here is her reply… Why I Decided to Write a Book about My Journey with Cancer. The desire to write a book crept up […]

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FEATURE: Grandparents Day – special personalized loss books

27 Jul , 2016  

Grandparents Day is a relatively new concept. The impetus for a National Grandparents Day in the USA was started by Marian McQuade, a housewife from Fayette County, West Virginia. The reason she wanted to champion this cause was primarily for lonely elderly people in nursing homes. She also hoped that it would persuade grandchildren to […]

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Until The Moment of Sam

13 May , 2016  

Until the moment of Sam’s death, I had led a ‘sheltered’, even enviable life. I had grown up in a loving family, travelled the world, got married and brought two beautiful daughters into the world. Sure, life had thrown a few minor curveballs along the way, but on the whole, it had been a rather […]

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Author Spotlight – Jemma Beckham

3 Mar , 2016  

 When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer? ‘I first had the idea of becoming a writer about ten years ago. I’ve always loved reading and have a vivid imagination. I tried at the time to write a book, but the genre I chose was crime based and despite my knowledge of […]

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Create new social media habits in 2016 and watch your fan following and sales soar

12 Jan , 2016  

I recently put up a blog post for all authors, speakers, trainers, and coaches – on LinkedIn CLICK HERE all about taking control of your fan following this year. It was received well with a few shares and quite a few likes and reads. It might have been the fabulous picture I used in the header […]

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Life in the City of Angels: Artifacts of a Past Life in the City of Angels

18 Dec , 2015  

I wanted to share this recent blog post by author Dave Banks as I thought it would interest a lot of photograpy, camera and documentary lovers? “OMG ! Recently while tossing out artifacts of my past I came across this old advertisement for Bexel Equipment Rental. The camera that I’m holding became the game changer […]