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Its not a Christmas Tree but a Yugen Tree

24 Nov , 2016  

After the loss of a child, so many days become so hard. Anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas – they are all fraught with a kaleidoscope of emotions, even more so when you have other children who you want to show the joy and happiness of these events to. You think about all of those things that you […]

Guest Blogger, The Story of Books

Hello, old friend, I see you’re back…

1 Nov , 2016  

Well hello, Old friend. I see you’ve shown up unannounced again. Shows how close we really are, no introduction or reminders needed. Just pop in and just as quickly be on your way. This time it was at the mall. The three of us were shopping for winter clothes for our rainbow about to turn […]

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How do you remember your loved one?

29 Sep , 2016  

October is Infant and Baby Loss Awareness month. It is an opportunity for parents, their families, and friends to acknowledge and remember precious babies who have died and also a chance to raise awareness of the emotional impact of pregnancy and infant loss, and the scale of this real tragedy, which affects up to one […]

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Raising Children with Good Self-Esteem

26 Sep , 2016  

As a teacher, I very quickly specialised in children who presented with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I recognised it was my role to educate them in maths, English and the ten plus subjects that they needed to be taught. However, it was also very obvious to me that these children needed something more. I felt […]

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1 Sep , 2016  

By Kate Polley Until the moment of Sam’s death, I had led a ‘sheltered’, even enviable life.  I had grown up in a loving family, travelled the world, married the guy of my dreams and brought two beautiful daughters into the world. Sure, life had thrown a few minor curveballs along the way, but on […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Protect Your Kids From Death

26 Jul , 2016  

– by Kate Polley Recently we returned from a great family break on the coast. Towards the end of the holiday, walking hand in hand along the beach with Finn, my five-year-old surviving twin son, he turned to me unexpectedly and said: “Mom, I miss my brother, Sam. I feel lonely without him and sad […]

Guest Blogger, OOdlebOOks

Why Authors Should Use Twitter

18 Jul , 2016  

by Nikki Halliwell from ‘Help For Writers’ We’re always told that we should be using social media to promote ourselves and to promote our books; we hear it on almost a daily basis. But it can be hard enough finding the time, or the right frame of mind, to finish our writing without having to […]

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22 Feb , 2016  

By Ross Hewitt of ‘Secret Pie – Digital Marketing Consultancy’ The new author fan site – was launched in October 2015 – just over four months ago and is gaining massive traction for true book lovers. It’s also appealing to a whole range of authors who are determined to grow their author standing and […]