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Alone at Christmas After a Break-Up

12 Dec , 2017  

By Danielle Barbereau   The following blog post is by author and Divorce Coach Danielle Barbereau. Many people face their first Christmas after a break-up so here are some very good tips on how to get through your first Christmas alone.     If you are going through a breakup or are on your own, […]

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Spotlight on Author – Rhona Byrne

1 Nov , 2017  

RHONA BYRNE Author of ‘Healing Cancer Without Drugs – One day at a time’. We recently asked Rhona what made you take the step to turn your story into a book. Here is her reply… Why I Decided to Write a Book about My Journey with Cancer. The desire to write a book crept up […]

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Diets Don’t Work But You CAN Lose Your Weight

5 Oct , 2017  

There is just so much evidence right in front of us every single day that diets don’t work, but still, they are most people’s ‘go to’ when it comes to losing weight. Maybe that’s because we all love a shortcut. Most people with a weight issue have tried many diets, and maybe you’re one of […]

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At 32 Weeks …

30 Jun , 2017  

by Kate Polley.   At 32 weeks, after what my doctors had termed a “perfect twin pregnancy”, my life took a devastating and unexpected turn. On the evening of my baby shower, I was rushed to the hospital. Although I was assured, that in all likelihood my waters had broken and everything would be fine, […]

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Author Marketing Made Easy

9 Mar , 2017  

Oodlebooks is an exciting author marketing platform created specifically to help the independent or self-published author to market themselves and their books in the easiest most effective way possible. Oodlebooks is the answer to the following questions … I’ve written a book and don’t know where to begin to promote it? There are so many […]

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Tips on Writing Book Reviews

27 Jan , 2017  

Do you ever write book reviews? If you do, then you probably do it for one or more of the following 3 reasons. For yourself – to remind yourself why you did or did not enjoy a book For other readers – to encourage other readers to choose or avoid a book For the author […]

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The Infiniteness of Grief

27 Jan , 2017  

I met up with an acquaintance the other day who has tragically, recently lost her child. She has emerged out of the numb shock which usually follows, (I think somewhat mercifully), directly after the loss of a loved one and now she is in that raw, indescribably painful stage of grief which literally consumes you. […]

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I can’t explain how surreal it feels to have fans…

5 Jan , 2017  

I can’t explain how surreal it feels to have fans… I was recently tagged on Twitter by a father desperate to get a copy of my second book for his daughter after she read the first one in a matter of days, only putting it down to eat, sleep and go to school! I had […]

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Why it’s important for children to learn how to name and claim feelings

12 Dec , 2016  

Our brain’s most important function is to help us adapt in order to keep us alive. Emotions play a huge part in this process. Although emotional responses can be very subjective, the initial emotion acts as an essential form of communication that alerts us to a situation so that we can decide whether or not […]

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Sad Christmas – A Poem

24 Nov , 2016  

It is Christmas Day, but you cannot see, Any smiling faces, around the Christmas tree. But if you look close, you’ll see something dear, A tear in the eye, for what happened this year.   It might not be happy, but for them it is true, Just like you have a loved one, so they […]