ATFOF Revealed!

13 Aug , 2015  

Some of you may have noticed the ATFOF campaign? What is it? What was it all about?

We have now let the proverbial cat out of the bag to announce that it’s award winning author M. Jonathan Lee’s third novel. ATFOF stands for ‘A Tiny Feeling of Fear’.

You know what he means. We all have it?

The protagonist, in this case, is Andrew Walker. An ordinary guy with ordinary fears.

Jonathan has a real gift for observation. The minutiae of detail that we all experience. The book is so easy to relate to as it takes the reader on Andrew’s journey. The ‘twist’ (the same as Jonathan’s previous 2 books ‘The Radio’ and ‘The Page’) is amazing. There is no way any reader could see it coming. It reminded me of The Sixth Sense – and in the same way I assure you that you will HAVE TO go back and read it again. ‘No!’ Andrew does not see dead people, by the way. It’s just one of those …’I did not see that coming’ moments, that are so rare in life, and in literature.

Of course, I may be entirely biased as his publisher, but any book has to stand up on its own two feet – so it’s not for me to judge, but for the reader.

The thing is this is definitely one of my favourite ever books – so for me to say that with the amount of books that pass my desk, I believe is a big recommendation.

The book sales subsequent reviews and social media chatter about the book will prove whether I am right.

You can PRE-ORDER ‘A Tiny Feeling of Fear’ at – and receive an array of additional benefits for buying the book early – including being one of the first to read it!

Feel free to review it – we look forward to people’s comments and reactions.



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