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2 Dec , 2015  

How to Sell More Books

How to Sell More Books

This blog was inspired by a tweet that was sent to the Oodlebooks Twitter account about the new platform – www.oodlebooks-author.com

“Why do you say it’s “free,” & then hit people with a £97/$146US charge just to add books to the site? Amazon does this for free.”

We do have a more detailed ‘HOW IT WORKS’ page on the site, but I felt it important to address the difference between Amazon and Oodlebooks – and this question of anything being FREE!

First of all, it’s not an either/or scenario.  Oodlebooks does not directly sell or fulfil purchased books. Oodlebooks is an ‘Author Marketing Platform’. There is a real difference here. Amazon lists your books for free then takes a percentage of sales. So Amazon isn’t free either?

Oodlebooks requires a sign-up fee – which at present is £48.50 but only after you have uploaded your book for FREE. There is no charge to begin with as you may not be accepted as an Oodlebooks author. We do not accept every author and book. The site is there to help quality authors to sell more books and if the book isn’t up to scratch then there is no point our site representing you or your work.

The sign-up fee is used to create a wonderful interactive marketing experience for your book for your readers to enjoy.  This has been created by the wonderful people at Neilsen the ISBN agency by their Book2Look department. We purchase this technology on the author’s behalf providing them with a unique link and a mini-website/widget that creates a true book experience.

We do not take any percentage of sales of any books as the ‘Shopping Cart’ link within your book marketing widget takes the purchaser to wherever you want them to purchase the book. That could be Amazon, another online bookstore, or your website, or all three if you wish.




Check out –      http://www.book2look.com/book/cZ8lUxQwVG



There is then a £10 monthly fee that enables the author to use many of the marketing facilities and advice available within their account. The most important action for the author, however, is to interact with their growing list of fans.

The author can then use this list of fans to tell about future books and events, all in one easy-to-use message template. It’s a great way to grow the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST relationship with the author’s fans, needed to become successful. There are so many books available how can anyone carve a career out of continued book sales unless they have a band of ardent fans supporting their corner and telling others?

Fanology is the principle used within the site and is based on relationship-marketing.

Fanology front cover new



To read the e-book ‘FANOLOGY: Create Fans. Sell Books.’ By the site’s founder Gail Powell – go to – http://amzn.to/1PnkbE3



The uniqueness of the Oodlebooks site is largely to help authors to actively grow their fanbase by simply asking followers to ‘turn their heart to red’ on the profile page on the site.  This registers their vote and helps to put the author on the leader board on the Home Page.

The TOP TEN AUTHOR leader board shows the authors who have the most fans. Any author on the top ten list has additional social media promotion via the marketing team at Oodlebooks and their book in the slider at the top of the site.

Why are fans so important?

Fans will tell others in their networks about you and your book/s and will purchase anything else you write in a similar genre or topic. They are your best sales people.

Make no mistake – this is not a site for just uploading your book and seeing what happens. If you take this course of inaction even on Amazon, you will not sell very many books at all. The ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy has long gone since the amount of books and authors available online has made discoverability almost impossible without direct marketing techniques.

Oodlebooks offers all authors the chance to create a profile, have a Book2Look marketing widget created that acts as its own sales tool, and to grow a fan base to communicate with on a regular basis.

There are only a couple of actions required once you have been accepted and sign up fully to your account.

  1. Ask your social media networks to go to oodlebooks.com and ‘turn my heart to red’ which will grow your fans.
  2. Regulary log in and send messages about what’s happening in your world and any offers that’s available.
  3. Share your Book2Look marketing widget link so potential readers can –
  • See inside your book
  • Watch a video trailer of your book (optional)
  • Share it easily on social media (great button to enable them to do this)
  • Read reviews
  • Buy your book/s

There is no need to keep asking ‘BUY MY BOOK!’  If an author uses Oodlebooks and the principles of  ‘Fanology’ then the book sales will follow. It does need the author to be active with promoting their Book2Look link and of course to ask  ‘please turn my heart to red’.  Much like anything you do in life, the author will get back exactly how much effort they put into growing their fan base and sharing their book link..

A final word on something being FREE. I have never been a big fan. An investment of money allows the innovators to continue to create and make something better, and for the investor, it makes them value their investment more.

If it’s worth having then it’s worth paying for. We have tried to make the site affordable and innovative. We care about books and their readers, and we really care about authors. The Oodlebooks team is made up of authors – we get it!

by Gail Powell

If you want to talk further to Gail or any of the team at Oodlebooks – LIVE CHAT is available during UK business hours at – www.oodlebooks-author.com.

Gail Powell - Founder of Oodlebooks

Gail Powell –
Founder of Oodlebooks




Check out both sites and BECOME A FAN for free at – www.oodlebooks.com and support one of the many authors on the site.

Or upload your book for FREE at – www.oodlebooks-author.com so it can be assessed first of all. We are after quality books and authors. If accepted then there is a fee to have a book marketing widget and account created.

A book is a business. Every business needs a marketing budget and strategy. We have created a strategy that is simple to use and works and you need to invest in a small marketing budget this year to make it happen.

Any questions – there is LIVE CHAT at www.oodlebooks-author.com available during UK business hours – Monday to Friday.

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